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Where Strategy Meets Digital: Dive into the Ultimate Chess Experience. Engage with Millions, Learn from Grandmasters, and Elevate Your Game in a Vibrant Online Community.
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Why Play Online Chess? Discover Chess Royale!

Whether you're new to the chess world or a master of the board, Chess Royale provides an immediate gateway to the vibrant world of online chess.

Instant Start

Regularly playing chess and tackling puzzles online can hone your strategic skills, foster logical and lateral thinking, help you understand human psychology, improve your analytical prowess, and enhance your memory.

Features Tailored for the Online Chess Enthusiast

  • Community
    Colossal Community

    Engage with over 50,000,000 players across all major platforms. With Chess Royale, an opponent of a similar skill is always online, ready to challenge you in various multiplayer formats.
  • Learn
    Learning Platform

    Dive into interactive lessons, mastering classic strategies like the "French Opening" and the iconic "Queen's Gambit". With Chess Royale, elevate your gameplay in a rich and complex chess world.
  • Modes
    Rich Practice

    Challenge real players of varying expertise or select from eight diverse modes. Engage in blitz, bullet, rapid, or classic chess with time restrictions that suit your style.
  • Analysis
    Analysis Tools

    Post-match, tap into sophisticated tools designed to aid your learning curve and game development.
  • Challange
    Challenge Opponents

    Notify friends when you're online, engage in intense matches against Chess Royale's advanced AI, or organize and participate in diverse tournament formats for added excitement.
  • Puzzles
    Solve Puzzles

    With over 5,000 chess puzzles at your fingertips, focus on refining specific areas of your gameplay.

Hear From The Masters

Discover insights from world grandmasters like Vidit Gujrathi and Richárd Rapport on their experience with Chess Royale.

Chess Royale App: Your Ultimate Online Chess Companion

It's not just a chess app; it's an experience. With Chess Royale, immerse yourself in beautifully designed interfaces that keep rekindling your passion for the game daily.